Bij Kemeling, we make it together. From product planner to commercial employee and from intern to management.

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Together, every day, we create beautiful, innovative products that make our customers happy. Short lines, big results! This takes professionals, employees that we appreciate enormously! Without them, there would be no happy customers. That is why we invest in our people at Kemeling, in, amongst others, the following ways:

  • An above-average salary
  • Good working conditions
  • 25 holidays based on a 38-hour working week
  • An unprecedented good working atmosphere with fun team outings
  • Lots of room for initiative, creativity and personal input
  • Real part of the team; 3 times a week a stand-up so everyone is aware of new developments within the company
  • All necessary training and attention to personal development
  • Unlimited use of our gym on the chill floor
  • A choice of three coffee machines in our canteen
  • A welcome package for every new employee
  • Knowledge and experience for a promising future with us or somewhere else in the manufacturing industry

ABOUT Kemeling Kunststoffen

Kemeling Kunststoffen is the expert in technical plastic construction work. We are known for our technical plastic containers and tanks for horticulture, but since our establishment in 1976 our assortment has expanded considerably with customized innovations for various industries.

The success of our family business is not determined by our products, but by our people! We find it important to invest in our motivated team every day. Not only with a good salary, fun events and a gym on the company, but we also invest in your knowledge with training and certificates. With us you get all the tools you need to become a master in the manufacturing industry. In this way, you can get to work with the right know-how and passion to get the most out of your work. We are proud of that and our customers are happy with it!




"On my first workday, I was incredibly positively surprised. I had no idea what innovative things were happening behind the scenes! I would like to challenge you to come along for a walk and experience just how cool it is at Kemeling!"

Hessel Luiten - Engineer/Planner

Hessel Engineer werkvoorbereider
Aartjan Kunststof bewerker

"If you like to roll up your sleeves but don't necessarily want to be with your feet in the clay, you're in the right place here. It's clean work, with no toxic fumes where you build a new beautiful product every day!"

Aartjan van Driel
Technical plastic worker

Rob Productvoobereider

"The freedom you get here is really unique. There's a drawing of the product, but beyond that it's up to you how you want to get to the best end result. That's a great challenge every day!"

Rob Arensman
Technical plastic worker

Jeremy Kunststof bewerker

"At Kemeling everything is well organized. Nice boss, good salary and great varied work. If you have a suggestion or want to change something, you can just say so in our organization. You are listened to well and you get nice extras!"

Jeremy Tsas
All-round production worker

"I have been given the freedom and confidence to grow here for 19 years. In this way I have been able to enthuse many young people about technology and they have grown into real technical plastic specialists. That makes me proud!"

Arwin Camphens - Head of work preparation

Arwin Chef productievoorbereiding